Hebrews 9:11-14 {Lesson 9/Day 5}

Join the weekday study "Live or Later" ...Live on Facebook or Zoom* 7am or catch it later or the podcast search: "Dwelling Richly" What does your heart long for? Are you finding it in a way that will ultimately satisfy or eventually leave you needing and wanting more? In our study we're seeing that the Old Covenant and those practices - even though they may seem outwardly impressive and even meet a need for ritual and order - are empty in comparison to the reality of a saving relationship with Jesus Christ because He is a better priest. He has offered a better sacrifice, and He has shown the only way into true and eternal sanctification – the blood of Jesus. “Are you going to turn your back on that and go back to the crumbs of the foreshadowing which has now passed away?” I pray that we will each choose better – Jesus! - when faced with any tendency to add to the sacrifice of Christ. #lmccwomen #lamiradachurch #facebooklive #biblestudy *Zoom ID 809-987-915

Hebrews 9:6-10 {Lesson 9/Day 4}

I wonder how many of us today are “first section holy place” Christians? We’re busy performing the external rituals of Christian looking activities: attending church, doing a Bible study, volunteering, tithing, etc., but we’re not embracing the internal Christian life. The way to true communion with God has been opened, and it’s just feet away, but we’re too busy with our heads down in all our rituals to truly commune with God who is now within reach in the second section – the MOST Holy Place! Lift up your head! See that God is there. Nothing you’re doing in the first section will perfect your conscience...only in drawing near and being in God’s presence will your internal life be cleansed and perfected. “Yes, but, doing my Bible study/attending church/volunteering draws me near to God!” Nope. No. Wrong. None of those things draw you near to God. They may give you a good feeling inside. They may encourage you, challenge you, steady you...but only one thing draws you near to God...Je…

Hebrews 9:1-5 part 2 {Lesson 9/Day 3}

Take a moment to consider the detailed description of how God wanted His meeting place to be and compare that with the level of detail we’re given in the creation of the world. We know from reading these passages today that every aspect of what was to be included in the Tabernacle was measured to the smallest degree. What about the earth? Did we ever get the circumference of it? How about the sun? The moon? The stars? Any measurements, list of materials, or distances there? No. Why? Could it be because the world we inhabit – while “good” – is seriously insignificant as compared to what God provided as the way to have a a personal and intimate relationship with Him? The Tabernacle was a “copy and shadow” of the heavenly things. How exciting to have this detailed layout! God wanted it “just so” to show us a glimpse of heaven. How amazing to consider that the creator of the universe wasn’t finished when He rested from creation. God went on to provide a way for us to restore what we brok…

Hebrews 9:1-5 {Lesson 9/Day 2}

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Hebrews Chapter 8 {Lesson 8/Day 12}

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Hebrews Chapter 7 Review {Lesson 8/Day 11}

There’s not a soul reading this today that isn’t dealing with big problems and big sins. Truly grasping the greatness of Jesus as your Savior and Priest means knowing the one who is big enough to deal with big problems and sins. All of this teaching about Melchizedek is designed to help you understand something about Jesus, to strengthen your hope and assurance, to help you know that you have a Savior big enough to deal with your problems and a Priest who is able to deal with your sins.

Hebrews Chapter 6 Review {Lesson 8/Day 10}

What a beautiful reminder today that God wants us both sharp in the word and showing love for His name, and what a powerful reminder also that we can and should have not just assurance but “full assurance of hope until the end.” If you ever doubt your salvation or question whether you are truly inheriting the promise, look no further than Hebrews chapter six. Have you repented and shared in the Holy Spirit? Then you should be earnest for the Word and desiring to grow and teach and showing love for His name in serving the saints. Your assurance isn’t because of your works, it is demonstrated in your works because God is at work in you. If you are not assured in your salvation, then today is the day. Don’t harden your heart. Consider Jesus and give Him your heart today. #lmccwomen #facebooklive #womensministry #biblestudy