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Taco Tuesday and The Flaming Tower of Terror

Sometimes you are glad that there's no cameras around to record your goofy nonsense...other times, you want evidence so you can review it later and share with others! I'm not sure which category this life event would fall under, but, none-the-less, it's one of our favorite family stories:
I was frying up a batch of homemade taco shells, left the pan on the stove top to sit down and enjoy Taco Tuesday with my son Jonathan and his friend, Tommy, when Jonathan looked up and said, 'There's a fire' and he said it with a pretty calm voice so when I got around to looking back into the kitchen behind me the fire was looking more like the Lord God Almighty leading the children of Israel by night with a pillar---only the pillar was billowing out of my taco pan! The fire was HUGE and licking the ceiling! I jumped up from the table, ran back into the kitchen, grabbed a lid, but the flames were so high and hot it was too hard to get the lid to stay on and smother the pan. …

Thoughts on taking "Communion"...

Heading to church this morning and maybe, like me, you'll be taking communion? How many of us have taken "communion" and not fully understood the history and context of what the cup - or really, cups - meant? In Christian churches, communion is observing one fraction of the full event. What we now call, "The Lord's Supper" was a Passover Seder at which Yeshua would have had four cups of wine. Each cup was a reminder of an aspect of God's deliverance and our response... The cups of sanctification, deliverance, redemption and finally, praise. 

This charm is a special reminder to me of Yeshua's last Passover Seder. Lifting the fourth cup, The Cup of Praise, at the Seder that night with his disciples He said, "I tell you, I will not drink of this fruit if the vine from now until that day when I drink it anew with you in my Father's Kingdom." Next time you take communion, maybe pause and think of that night when Jesus spoke those words and t…

Johnny Cash Was Right

Gotta love Cash. 
His words ring so true. Who would say that they "live for the devil"?...The reality is, if you're not truly living for God, you are living for the devil. Plain and simple. It's not that you'd put on a" Team Satan" t-shirt, or wear a WWSD - "What Would Satan Do?" - bracelet. You wouldn't actually identify that you're living for the devil, but think about it - if you're not for Him (God) you're against Him. And if you're against Him, whose side are you on? As passive as it is, your inaction on this point really is an action. It might not be considered polite conversation, but I'm going to suggest it needs to be discussed. 

The One Where I Get Political

There's a video going around showing Obama at a press conference saying that world leaders are concerned about the statements coming from Trump and even Cruz. Gasp! 
They should be concerned. Americans are pissed and over it with a president who bows to muslim leaders and lies to his own people. They should be concerned. Americans don't want the citizens of these countries illegally infiltrating our land. 
We're trying to elect a leader who will - and call me crazy here - uphold the consti-flippin-tution and the intent of our founding fathers! We don't want your failed socialism, communism or any other pathetic -isms that are financially and morally bankrupting your countries. We are angry and motivated and working to get America back on track. Don't misunderstand me, I don't believe in the political system. No, "my faith is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but only lean on Jesus' name.&q…

You and Your Political Correctness Are Pathetic

Not too long ago, any man claiming to be a woman or vis versa would be pitied as mentally unstable and in need of help. But today they're lauded, protected, honored, and society is redefining itself on the perverted premises of these and other aberrations.
I believe the root of this is simple. Pride. Total lack of humility. Complete unwillingness to say, "My way is wrong. God's way is right."
When we allow wrong to be called right we invite insanity. Go back and read the account of Nebuchadnezzer. His lack of humility before God led quite literally to his complete insanity. His sanity was restored, but only after he humbled himself before God. The more we make allowances for aberrant behavior like this gender identity nonsense, the further our society drifts from sanity. When Roe v Wade was decided and the murder of babies was legalized, we opened the floodgates and the tide of insanity has streamed through every channel of our society. 
The insanity of redefining murde…

The One When I Talk About Farts...and The Bible

I've been teaching for going on 30 years. That's nearly 1000 students!  As unique as each child has been, there's a few traits that students have in common year after year, one of them is their silly obsession with body noises...farts in particular. There. I said it. If one student let a toot slip in class it inevitably brought snickers from the others and great embarrassment to the child.  So, in keeping with our class code that ours was a safe place for all and that no one would ever need to feel afraid, I started the, "I did it!" rule. Quite simply, when a toot slipped, everyone in the class would say, "I did it!" We all pitched in to "cover up" for the tooter and in so doing, instead of strife we got laughter and peace and everyone felt a sense of safety and acceptance.  In today's sensibilities we see covering up sins as something wrong because it's making excuses for someone else's wrongdoings, enabling or worse aiding and abett…