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Rustic Apple Cranberry Pie

This is one of those deceptively delicious treats that will make you feel happy and proud. If you love to'll enjoy this recipe. If baking - especially a pie crust - makes you feel nervous, you'll love it too! You'll be successful and everyone will love this! It's rustic which means it will be forgiving when you go to put the crust together because it doesn't have to look fancy or schmancy! It's just the perfect combination of crispy, sugary, flaky crust with sweet, delicious filling.  Can you use storebought pie crust? Yes. But don't tell me. That will make me sad. It won't turn out as flakey and it will definitely not look rustic.
By the way, I really encourage you to do all your baking by weight. Just get a decent scale, set your bowl on it, zero it out every time you add something. It makes a big difference and you'll have way better results and consistency each time.

6 1/2 ounces flour (6 1/4 cup)
3 tsp granulated sugar
1/2 tsp k…

Let us Find Our Rest in Thee

I don’t think there’s any occasion like Christmas that swirls with as much hope and expectation...and there’s definitely no time as magical as Christmas morning for a child. As a child you go to bed and the tree is lit with a few presents tucked around the skirt and stockings hung limply by the fire then when you wake up the tree is mystically brighter, the gifts have miraculously multiplied, the stockings are more stuffed than a turkey, and even in warm California, there's an excitement makes the air feel crisp and fresh with expectation.

Expectation is why we love that movie, “A Christmas Story” with Ralphie hoping and wishing and plotting and dreaming for his Red Rider BB Gun only to have his hopes dashed in the form of ridiculous pink bunny pajamas. We’re hoping with him, laughing at him, and remembering what it’s like to want something so badly. Of course, Ralphie does get that gun and of course, he almost shoots his eye out...but it’s the longing and expectations that makes…

Easy Dover Sole with Pappardelle Pasta

This is definitely in our top ten for quick and easy dinners:

You'll need:
Pack of Trader Joe's Lemon Pappardelle Pasta (so yummy!) I do have a great recipe for my own pappardelle, but that wouldn't make this recipe quick or as easy!

Dover Sole filets - They're really thin, so get at least 2 per adult. Trader Joe's sells them frozen and they're really good.

1/2 cup AP flour
1 tsp lemon/pepper seasoning. I use Trader Joe's (of course)
1/2 tsp each salt and pepper
1/4 cup minced onion
2 T olive oil
2 T butter
1/3 C grated Parmesan cheese (not the cheap crap. I shouldn't have to say that, but I better)
1/2 cup lemon juice divided
1 lemon sliced
2 T white wine (optional)

In a skillet (large enough to hold several filets without being crowded, crush capers a bit, add minced onion and 1 T of the butter until it melts, then saute about a minute. Add 1/4 c lemon juice and wine, bring to a simmer, and cook, stirring frequently, until liquid is reduced by one-thi…

The Cure for Anxiety?

When the offering plate was passed in church a little boy reached quickly into his dad’s pocket, grabbed his wallet, and tossed it in just as the plate passed on by.

“Why did you do that?!” the stunned and panicked dad asked,

“The preacher said that everything belongs to the Lord and I just figured you forgot!”

Everything does belong to the Lord. In 1st Corinthians 10, Paul quoted Psalm 24 to remind us that: “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;”

I have come to know and experience that as a completely freeing truth.  Christmas is around the corner and with all the beauty, joy-filled songs, and fun traditions we love, comes also the tug to over-extend ourselves. With that comes the anxiety of not being able to meet up to expectations – our own or of those around us.

What's the call of this world? ...Experience the Dream! Have it all! You deserve it! We are told to taste and see that the world is good but when we go beyond a few licks we, li…

The Day My Back Reminded Me Who's In Charge

The Day My Back Reminded Me Who's In Charge...
After teaching a class at church, I was getting into my car and my back completely gave out...totally seized and spasmed. The pain took my breath away and the suddenness would have brought me to my knees had I not been holding on to the car door. I was standing in the parking lot bracing myself against the open back door and doorframe of my car almost literally frozen because every movement, even the smallest, screamed with pain like an angry two-year-old through my body. Had this happened a few minutes earlier, there would have been plenty of people, to call out to for some help, but now... No one...I just stood there bracing myself on my car frame looking down at my oils in the back seat juuuuust out of reach. My "Dr. Bombay Oils" as my friend likes to call them... then a car pulled in to the handicapped spot about 30 feet from me... An elderly man got out and I watched him head in toward the church. I stood awkwardly half …

Jesus - Best Brother

From the Dwelling Richly Bible Study:
Hebrews 2:14-18

Since therefore the children share in flesh and blood, he himself likewise partook of the same things, that through death he might destroy the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil, 15 and deliver all those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery. 16 For surely it is not angels that he helps, but he helps the offspring of Abraham. 17 Therefore he had to be made like his brothers in every respect, so that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people. 18 For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted. English Standard Version (ESV)
The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.
Are you seeing the amazing compassion of Jesus here? Jesus did what he didn’t have to do – for me, f…

Ephesians 5:3-16

What if we took the time today to consider letting only words of thanksgiving come out of your mouth today? Stuck in traffic? Thanksgiving. Someone cuts in front of you? Thanksgiving. A work issue remains unresolved? Thanksgiving. Friend or spouse is annoying? Thanksgiving.

Ephesians Read-Through (#4)

Join the study and read through Ephesians with me today. This is our fourth read-through of the epistle of Ephesians, and if you've been with us since the beginning of this study, then you know that every time we've learned something new! Today we'll focus on the big picture ideas from the first and then second halves of Paul's epistle - the foundational truth of our faith (doctrine) and the way that we should live as a result of that truth (duty.) Follow the La Mirada Christian Church women's ministry - Faith and Fellowship - on Facebook and Instagram as well as right here on my YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe to the Dwelling Richly podcast on iTunes or any podcast app.
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Three things to know about yourself -'s not what you think.

I suppose it’s possible, sadly, that the power and impact of this mystery feels diluted for us reading it today. I’ve known Christ as my Savior for over 40 years. But I don’t want to read this passage like an old news article. I want for myself, and I pray for you reading this as well, that we would embrace this exciting revelation as if we were reading it with fresh eyes. Paul’s prayer was that we would know “the hope...the riches...the power toward us who believe.” That’s what I want to know today. And all that is missed if I don’t see the fabulous news – that I am a fellow heir – along with Abraham! – in the promise of Christ. Abraham’s inheritance is mine. It’s sealed and guaranteed in the Holy Spirit. The promise to Israel is a promise to me as well. I want to be in a constant state of awe and for what has been done for me through Christ Jesus, and I want to live this day walking not as I could still be – “following the course of this world” – but as I now am: “blessed in Christ …

Ephesians 2:11-16 Once far...Now brought near.

Ephesians 2:11-16 Jesus’ purpose in coming to this earth was not to oppose the law. He was not trying to keep it from being fulfilled. Instead, Jesus loved the law. He was the one who gave it at Sinai! “The Law of the Lord is perfect! Sweeter than honey and the honeycomb.” (Psalm 19). Like He said in Matthew, He came to fulfill it because we could not. In addition, Jesus broke down the barrier that the law had made between Jew and Gentile. The Law and all the ordinances established by God pointed to Him. Now that He has come and fulfilled the law’s prophetic utterances regarding Himself, He has made it unnecessary as a legally binding institution. He fulfilled it and in so doing, abolished the law of commandments as it was expressed in the ordinances. In Matthew 5:17 the word translated “abolish” is “καταλύω” (kataluo) meaning “to destroy, tear down.” In Ephesians 2:15 the word translated “abolish” is “καταργέω” (katargeo) which means “to make of no effect, separate from.” Because Jesu…

Ephesians 2:1-3 Who are we, really?

Why do we love those extreme makeover programs? Whether its a shaggy, unkempt man, a tired woman stuck in the 80s, or a home in serious need of repairs, we love a before and after story because we are amazed at the transformation! If they just showed us the "after" we wouldn't be so excited, but in comparison to the before it's quite stunning. There's hope. There's awe. There's a sense that maybe we could transform our body, our hair, our home, our whatever too!  Today we'll go through a passage that lays out our "before." It's not pretty. It's pretty ugly actually.  Until we understand the reality of our situation, we cannot truly appreciate the grace of God. Unless we know our sin and to see it for what it is, and unless we who have given our lives to Jesus remember where we could have been, then we will never grasp the “riches of his glorious inheritance.” The lie, and perhaps the greatest lie, of Satan is that we don’t really ne…

Read Through Ephesians...again?

Today we're reading through Ephesians...again. What? Haven't we already done that? Yep. If you've been with the study since we started Ephesians, you recall that the first thing we did before getting into the study was to read through the book. Doing that is so important to truly studying the Bible. Reading through the entire book - or letter, actually - gives us the sense of the content, the heart of Paul for the Ephesians, the main ideas and themes. We see the big picture. But why do it again this week? Well, like any thing you look over again, you'll see something you hadn't noticed before.

Flying home from my trip back east, I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time. The view from the plane even that high up showed how vast and beautiful it was. Then, a few months later I had the chance to visit the Grand Canyon up close. Seeing it in person is staggering - really. It's hard to take it all in because of its sheer size. But what an amazing experience to tou…

1 Peter 4:1-19 What can we do to walk closer to Christ today?

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What Are We Saying with Our Offering?

When we place our offering in the plate, what are we saying?    I’m thankful for this way I can contribute?    I’m hopeful for the future and want to support it here?    I’m glad for this this tax deduction?    I was raised doing this, so I’ll keep on with that tradition?    I hope God notices that I’m doing my part?    I hope this is used to buy more jelly filled donuts? Maybe on any given Sunday a bit of each?
In God’s Word, when His people gathered and gave, we always see their actions marked by a single distinctive – joy, gladness, cheer...why? Because of the overwhelming sense of thankfulness in what God had accomplished and the sense of hope that being in community brings when we are moving toward accomplishing God’s will in great ways.
Listen to what David wrote and the song that the people sang when they brought the ark of God’s promise into the tent: Oh, give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name;     make known his deeds among the peoples! 9 Sing to him, sing praises to him;     tell o…

James 5:13-18 How's Your Prayer Life?

How's your prayer life? I'm always so thankful for this passage as it gets me to thinking and even better, to praying about my prayer life. I can't help but be challenged and inspired by men of faith who did outrageous things for God. Is that all over now? Do people not pray in boldness and confidence any more? In today's study we'll look at what God's Word says about prayer.

James 3:5-8


I Have Hard Days Too

This was a hard week.

A little background... In 2013, my husband sobered up after nearly 20 years of alcoholism, rage, and addiction related issues. Until that point, our marriage had been severely damaged by his violent outbursts and abuse. Through a gut-wrenching, potentially devastating incident, God reached into my husband’s heart and mind on the evening of May 5, 2013 and Glen fully confessed, repented, and truly surrendered his heart back to his Savior. I had married a godly, Christ-centered man in 1988 - on May 5, 2013, I got him back. Actually, I got a more mature and humble man back.

Since that night, we have been on a steady path of healing and restoration. We have joy again, peace again, trust and hope again. It's been hard - don't get me wrong - but it has been blessed nonetheless.
There are many difficult bumps along a road to true healing. One of the most difficult of mine has been dealing with the scars of trauma that Glen’s past violent behavior left on my hea…