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1 Peter 4:1-19 What can we do to walk closer to Christ today?

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What Are We Saying with Our Offering?

When we place our offering in the plate, what are we saying?    I’m thankful for this way I can contribute?    I’m hopeful for the future and want to support it here?    I’m glad for this this tax deduction?    I was raised doing this, so I’ll keep on with that tradition?    I hope God notices that I’m doing my part?    I hope this is used to buy more jelly filled donuts? Maybe on any given Sunday a bit of each?
In God’s Word, when His people gathered and gave, we always see their actions marked by a single distinctive – joy, gladness, cheer...why? Because of the overwhelming sense of thankfulness in what God had accomplished and the sense of hope that being in community brings when we are moving toward accomplishing God’s will in great ways.
Listen to what David wrote and the song that the people sang when they brought the ark of God’s promise into the tent: Oh, give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name;     make known his deeds among the peoples! 9 Sing to him, sing praises to him;     tell o…

James 5:13-18 How's Your Prayer Life?

How's your prayer life? I'm always so thankful for this passage as it gets me to thinking and even better, to praying about my prayer life. I can't help but be challenged and inspired by men of faith who did outrageous things for God. Is that all over now? Do people not pray in boldness and confidence any more? In today's study we'll look at what God's Word says about prayer.

James 3:5-8


I Have Hard Days Too

This was a hard week.

A little background... In 2013, my husband sobered up after nearly 20 years of alcoholism, rage, and addiction related issues. Until that point, our marriage had been severely damaged by his violent outbursts and abuse. Through a gut-wrenching, potentially devastating incident, God reached into my husband’s heart and mind on the evening of May 5, 2013 and Glen fully confessed, repented, and truly surrendered his heart back to his Savior. I had married a godly, Christ-centered man in 1988 - on May 5, 2013, I got him back. Actually, I got a more mature and humble man back.

Since that night, we have been on a steady path of healing and restoration. We have joy again, peace again, trust and hope again. It's been hard - don't get me wrong - but it has been blessed nonetheless.
There are many difficult bumps along a road to true healing. One of the most difficult of mine has been dealing with the scars of trauma that Glen’s past violent behavior left on my hea…